African Congress for Clinical Trials

Lambaréné, 10-14 November 2019 (2nd edition)
Clinical trial in Sub-saharan Africa : Challenge or Opportunity ?

Ms EKAGHBA Régine has been The Head of Human Resources and Logistics at CERMEL since 2016. Autonomous, organized, dynamic and motivated, her qualities and skills contribute to improving the capacities of the administrative team of the CERMEL.


To date, she supervises The Head of Human Resources and Logistics team made of logistics managers and corporate services staff. With her dynamic team, she technically organizes and coordinates all logistical activities related to the implementation of the conference.


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Dr. Rella ZOLEKO MANEGO FOTSO has been employed at CERMEL for 6 years. She began her career as a physician and later became a principal investigator / co-investigator on several clinical trials on malaria. She holds a master's degree in public health from the University of Bordeaux and is currently preparing a thesis at the University of Hamburg. She is a member of CERMEL’s IRB.


Miss Sandrine Jeanne Kani DELBRAH is a graduate of the National Institute of Management Sciences of Libreville (INSG) and has been an accounting officer at CERMEL since 2013. Dedicated, rigorous, responsible and organized, she contributes on a daily basis to the preparation of summary reports (balance sheets, income statements, etc.) and financial reports for the numerous clinical trial projects implemented and managed by CERMEL. Her generous efforts have earned her a central place in the coordination committee of the congress, to which she contributes her dynamism and her ideas.


Dr KABWENDE LUMEKA is a research physician at CERMEL, where she works on numerous clinical studies covering a variety of fields, such as experimental vaccines and drugs. She moreover has a keen focus on social sciences. As part of the ACCT, she heads the scientific committee and intends to help make this first congress a hub for the development of clinical trials in Africa.


With a broad interest in world events, communication, sciences, African history and arts, as well as esthetics, Ms MAMANOU ZOGO holds a Master's degree in Management and Business Strategies. She has been a Human Resources manager at CERMEL since 2015. She is actively engaged in the promotion of the ACCT in a competitive and open-minded manner through her participation in the Communication committee.


Dr. Yabo Josiane HONKPEHEDJI is a biomedical researcher, trained in tropical infectiology. She is currently working as a research physician at CERMEL on vaccine and therapeutic clinical trials in the fields of malaria and neglected diseases. Moreover, she focuses on immuno-epidemiological research, specifically on maternal and child health, the field in which she is pursuing her PhD at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. She is a member of the ACCT Scientific Committee.

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ACCT President

Dr. Sèlidji Todagbe AGNANDJI is a researcher in biomedical sciences and social sciences, specialized in clinical trials. He is currently in charge of the research team "Biomedicine and Social Sciences" at CERMEL.


Dr AGNANDJI has been director at CERMEL since 2013.


The president of the ACCT, who, with his team, led many phase 1 to 4 clinical trials, is particularly interested in questions regarding the link between clinical research and development issues and health system performance in sub-Saharan Africa.

Coordination Committee


Organisation Committees

Communication Commitee

In line with the objectives and expectations of the ACCT, this committee ensures the internal and external communication of this prestigious event. Indeed, its main mission is to contribute to a high visibility of the congress and to promote clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as honoring the hosting city of Lambaréné.

The committee consists of five (4) committed individuals, concerned about ethics, integrity and excellence who coordinate, ensure, oversee and support all ACCT communications.

- Ms MAMANOU ZOGO, Committee Chair ;

- Miss Sandrine Jeanne Kani DELBRAH, Accountant .

- Mr MBAVU Cédric Isaac , Logistics Manager, responsible for project and order management;

- Mr TCHIALE Gabriel Martin , Equipment Manager

- Mr MINTSA MENIE Antony Lesly, Computer Scientist


Scientific Commitee

The scientific committee, the key body of the congress, aims to oversee and implement the scientific program previously developed to ensure the quality and scientific integrity of the various communications.

It works in collaboration with the principal parties concerned and the scientific advisors at CERMEL.

It is composed of 3 members:

- Dr. KABWENDE LUMEKA, Committee Chair;

- Dr. Rella MANEGO ZOLEKO, Research physician;

- Dr. Yabo Josiane HONKPEHEDJI, Research physician.


Logistics Commitee

The logistics committee, essentially made up of the CERMEL administrative staff (see list below), plans, organizes and coordinates all the logistical aspects related to the organization of the congress. It ensures the registration of the participants and speakers, while providing a suitable venue for the realization of the congress.


In addition, the committee deals with transportation, catering and accommodation issues. It works in symbiosis with the scientific and communication committees to make this conference a pleasant and rewarding experience.


Il est composé de 12 membres :


- Mrs Régine EKAGHBA, Committee Chair

- Miss MALINGA Emma Gladis, Biologist ;

- Miss Léa KOMBA MATSIABA, Logistics and Transport Assistant

- Miss MANFOUMBI MABICKA Danny Carrel, Senior Technician in Medical Biology;

- Miss ASSENGONE BIYOGHE Jeanne Françoise, Coordinator Assistant

- Mr BEH MBA Romuald, Project Coordinator

- Miss Anita Natacha MAMBOUNDOU DOLET,  Logistics and Stocks Manager

- Miss Léontine Prisca Sandrine ADA, Administrative Assistant

- Mr. Djamal Babatounde ADISSA, Research Assistant and logistical support

- Miss MOUSSAVOU Gaelle Diane, Project Coordinator

- Miss N'NOH DANSOU AKOUA Rick Elsy Mirna, Project Coordinator

- Miss NGANA MAROUNDOU Yasmine Sandrelle, Logistics Assistant