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Long-term strategies in medical research and public health for control of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.


The project

Acronym : SECC

The SECC project is a grant won by CERMEL in 2015 after a call for applications was put out jointly by WHO/TDR and EDCTP, when the Ebola epidemic occurred in West Africa. The call aimed to develop and/or reinforce capacities and research in Sub-Saharan Africa to control Ebola virus related diseases.

Our mindset

- To implement capacity building for clinical research in Sub-Saharan Africa through CERMEL, which can form the reference for, or support or partner to other research centers.

- To create a place where people from research, public health and society can exchange views.

- To develop long-term actions that will persist beyond the timeframe and the funding of the project.

The goals

- To develop and reinforce the analytical capabilities and the biosafety level of CERMEL laboratories.


- To promote clinical trials partnerships and support all partners.


- To develop a decision aids framework for Ebola virus related diseases.