African Congress for Clinical Trials

Lambaréné, 10-14 November 2019 (2nd edition)
Clinical trial in Sub-saharan Africa : Challenge or Opportunity ?
1st edition

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony took place on 08th October at 18:00.


The following senior officials attended :


- The Governor of the Moyen-Ogooué province,  Ms Paulette MENGUE M’OWONO.

- Deputy Secretary General, representing the Minister for

      Higher Education and Scientific Research Mr Clément MOUPOUMBOU. 

- The Director of Medicines and Pharmacy, representing the Minister of State,

      Minister of Health and Family Dr Edwige H. OKOUYI Ep. NDAKISSA.

- The Mayor of Lambaréné Mr Roger Valère AYIMAMBENWE.

After welcoming the officials and conference participants, the Mayor of Lambaréné, Mr Roger Valère AYIMAMBENWE, reminded the audience of the connection between the city and the history of medicine and medical research, especially through the work of Dr. Albert Schweitzer and his Nobel Prize. He then expressed his satisfaction with the congress held in his city and considered that through this event, scientists are making their activities more easily accessible and understandable to the citizens. Finally, he called on the organizers to ensure that the next editions would be held in Lambaréné again. 

The Director of Medicines and Pharmacy, representing the Minister of State, Dr Edwige H. OKOUYI Ep. NDAKISSA, presented the role of her Directorate in the regulation of health products from clinical trial to post registration phase. After that, she emphasized the obligations of researchers with regard to regulation and the Medicines and Pharmacy Department.

The President of the Congress, Dr Selidji Todagbe AGNANDJI, expressed his thanks to all the conference delegates who travelled to Lambaréné. After reminding the audience of the growing community of clinical trial specialists in Africa over the past decades, he shared with the audience the benefits of creating an African Clinical Trials Society, “an ideal framework to bring together the scientific community and also to exchange with regulators, ethicists and society as a whole”.


The Director of CERMEL,  Pr Ayola Akim ADEGNIKA welcomed the initiative and expressed the honor of his institution to be the host of the first edition. He stressed the need for researchers in sub-Saharan Africa to step-up their efforts to catch up with other regions of the world. In addition, he highlighted the importance of continuing synergetic efforts with existing initiatives such as EDCTP.

The Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, representing the Minister declared the first edition of the ACCT open. This was after reminding researchers of their responsibilities - in particular of ethical requirements - and welcoming the opening of research activities to the community.


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Pictures of the congress

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Pictures of committees

Closing ceremony

Two speeches were given to close the event. The Congress’ President summarized the scientific activities as well as the prospects for clinical research and clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa. As for the Director of Cermel, he highlighted the very high level of scientific content and congratulated the congress coordination committee and the entire team for the "almost perfect" organization.


Culture during the congress

A dinner was held on the third day evening. This was an opportunity for the organizers to promote Gabonese culture, in particular by introducing one of the most mythical rites of the region: the “Bwiti”. 

Papé NZIENGUI, a famous traditional Gabonese singer, performed a 45 minutes show with his harp. The attendees were very impressed and, therefore, gave a standing ovation.

On the last day, still with the aim of sharing and introducing the country's culture, socio-cultural groups from Lambaréné performed some choreographies involving the participants. The ceremony was both colorful and emotional.