African Congress for Clinical Trials

Lambaréné, 10-14 November 2019 (2nd edition)
Clinical trial in Sub-saharan Africa : Challenge or Opportunity ?


The currency of Gabon and other countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa, CEMAC, is the CFA Franc -XAF. We encourage you to exchange money in Libreville, the capital city, so that you bring enough cash for every transaction you intend to make - exchanging foreign currency in Lambaréné itself is difficult. Credit cards are not widely used in the country, although in Libreville (but not Lambaréné) there are cash machines that accept Visa.


Lambaréné is located in Moyen-Ogooué province. It has a typical equatorial climate: hot and humid (between 85 and 100% humidity during the rainy season). In November, you can expect temperatures varying from 24 °C (often in the morning) to 37 °C. You can expect approximately 19 days per month with a maximum temperature above 30 °C.  

During the conference month, daylight lasts almost exactly for 12 hours. Sunrise is at 06:01 am and sunset at 06:09 pm. Knowing that the Congress will start around the same period as the heavy seasonal rains, we advise you to travel with a raincoat, an umbrella and suitable footware. 

Health requirements

Every traveler must bring and present upon arrival a valid vaccination record.

All vaccinations should be up-to-date, especially yellow fever.

Local time

Gabon is one hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC + 1).

The official language of Gabon is French, even though English is also used during scientific communications.


Local tourism

We propose you pay a visit to the historic Dr. Albert Schweitzer Hospital and museum for 2 000 CFA – around 3 euros.

Canoe tours on the Ogooué river can be arranged. Please see below the prices for this:

  • 122 euros in total (shared by the group of visitors), if there are 1 to 5 participants;

  • 19 euros per person, if there are 6 to 9 participants.


In case you would be interested in one of the above activities, please contact by October 19th, 2019 the latest.

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